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Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans. The latest set, Journey into Nyx officially 2released on Friday 2nd May, 2014 and the game is ready to evolve and adapt to encompass the 165 new cards. How each game format will change is based almost entirely upon the players themselves as they pick through the new cards […]

Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans. The third and last set in Theros Block, Journey into Nyx is finally set to be released this very weekend and as per usual, here at MTG Mint Card we want to do a brief summary of some the very lovely Journey into Nyx Foil Singles. Whether you are […]

Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans. With all the new cards now revealed for Journey into Nyx, MTG Mint Card has now the complete set loaded up on our page and all singles available now. This set contains a total of 165 cards with a rarity break-down of 10 Mythic Rare, 35 Rare, 60 Uncommon, […]

Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans. This week marked the beginning of Journey into Nyx official previews and will culminate with the final release on the 2nd May, 2014. MTG Mint Card will be continually updating our page over the next two weeks until the very last card is posted for pre-order. Like the two […]