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As the first ever Grand Prix that had ever been held within Mainland China, Beijing is emblematic of a mighty nation undergoing colossal transformation. Eight years later, the Grand Prix Circuit has returned to Beijing once again. This time, with 894 players present, attendance has ballooned nearly six-fold. Now, let’s collect some highlights to share […]

The Mimeoplasm is a legendary ooze creature featured in Magic: The Gathering Commander set. The Mimeoplasm is a Commander that boasts serious fun factor alongside abilities that enable it to be incredibly hard to kill, possibly hasty, and huge – it’s fully possible that it will be killing your opponents in just one or two […]

                          Magic: the Gathering plushie The CUTEST dang Thragtusk Garruk’s Companion, like evar. Amazing work by Tally’s Treasury.

Here for us some altered art hand painted Magic the Gathering cards. (Ref iplaymtg)