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ello again Magic: the Gathering players. In the United States and Canada the days are grower shorter and cooler heralding the coming winter. This of course also marks Thanksgiving observances not just in North America but also a number of other countries. Here at MTG Mint Card we want to give thanks to you, our […]

As the first ever Grand Prix that had ever been held within Mainland China, Beijing is emblematic of a mighty nation undergoing colossal transformation. Eight years later, the Grand Prix Circuit has returned to Beijing once again. This time, with 894 players present, attendance has ballooned nearly six-fold. Now, let’s collect some highlights to share […]

Dragon’s Maze Top 5 Uncommons #1 – Putrefy – This is a solid reprint and the art is great. Sort of a poor man’s Abrupt Decay (which we really can’t afford).  Great against some Golgari critters which can regenerate. #2 – Far // Away – A nice Dimir Control card. Both sides are relevant and […]

MTG Dragon’s Maze, the third and final set in the Return to Ravnica block has now been fully previewed and MTG Mint Card is prepared for the crush of players wanting to get the latest card goodness. This expansion set is scheduled to be released May 3, 2013 with a total of 156 cards and […]