Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir Tournament Report: 8th (2)


Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir Tournament Report by Core Member of Team MTG Mint Card Lee Shi Tian

The Pro Tour

It is the Friday morning of PTKTK, I have my deck sleeves up with yellow and deck list filled in this way to honor the work done in Hong Kong Street:

Deck Registration

Everything goes smooth as the way does and below is my match result.

Match Results

Draft 1 2-1

4 junk 2-0 (3-1)

5 junk 0-2 (3-2)

6 UB control 2-0 (4-2)

7 Sidisi dredge 2-0 (5-2)

8 junk 2-0 (6-2)

Draft 2 3-0 (9-2)

12 jeskai 0-2 (9-3)

13 mardu planeswalker 2-0 (10-3)

14 naya monster 0-2 (10-4)

15 Gu devotion 2-0 (11-4)

16 junk 2-1 (12-4)

The Draft

If you followed me in twitter @leearson where I posted both my draft decks, you will know how terrible my draft one pack one is. It simply looks like a random booster. I third picked a Chief of the Scale and thought it might be a Signal for BW warrior, turns out BW dries up relatively fast. Yet I did read the signal right later in the pack. Some quality Abzan cards keep flowing to me in pack 2 and 3 and I got a powerful deck with many Rares (double Siege Rhino!!) but bad in mana base.

Pack 1Pack 1

The DeckThe Deck

Draft 2 is easier. P1P1 Butcher of the Horde is too good for me to pass. My next three picks are Ainok Bond- Kin, Feat of Resistance and Abzan Battle Priest. I move into Mardu with RW core splashing Black. While the creatures are easy to pick, I don’t really have enough playable spells. In the end I have to play Act of Treason, +2+0 and swift kick. Turns out they have some good synergy when they all come together. The deck treats me good and I go 3-0 in the pod.

The Standard

For construct portion, I was lucky enough for keep matching with green based deck and I win the match that I expected to win.

My loses to junk and Naya monster featured some terrible draw.

Some incident happens when I was playing against Ari. I never see any Ascendancy for both games playing against him. I actually called judge when I saw 3 of my Jeskai Ascendancy was at the bottom ten cards of the library after game one picking up my deck for sideboard.

In game 2, I had my second fetch and once again found 3 of the Jeskai Ascendancy at bottom ten cards of my deck. In the end I hit neither draw spells nor ascendancy from my draw step and the game ended accordingly. Later I saw Park Jun York and Yuuya Watanabe both missing their black mana source for real long time in game three of the draft rounds facing Ari. Also the way he keeps one lander in top 8 and Yuuya being flooded out.

You might think that actually suggested he did some power shuffle. In my point of view, all of these incidents do not have a real pattern after all. In PTJOU, 4 out of 7 of Patrick Chapin’s game win in top 8 features mana problem of his opponent. That is the power of running hot and I tend to believe Ari is running super hot in this tournament. And I think I am right as he does won whole thing in the end.

My lose to naya monster at round 14 features a turn 3 kill but one land missing. I took the chance and never see any land after casting 3 Dragon Mantle on his turn one Elvish Mystic.

Game two I kept a hand with double commune and double mana dork. While my both mana dork got killed, I casted double commune but never see any creature. These are the game of variance and it is fine when the odd is against me in both game of a single match instead of having it at multiple game 3s. Not to mention the round before, I have multiple top deck against Levy’s Mardu Planeswalker to pull me out from hell lots of removals and discards.

After round 15, I was at 9th with really good tie breaker. Yuuya got paired up against Owen which opens up one more slot for 36 points.

So my win includes a down to 4 win and a runner (Jeskai ascendancy) runner (tormenting voice) runner (dig through time) runner (Retraction Helix and Dragon Mantle) top deck at one life. Epic enough, right?

You can see it in here:

Or youtube:


After the round I basically burse out when I flashing back the week I have been though in Hong Kong. When I was out of Hong Kong, things are getting worse. I read news, twitter and facebook everyday. Crazy things happen. Police clear the barrier in the morning; the afternoon gangs come and attack the protestors. Police just let go those gangs. There are people defending the police said it’s just a coincident. To me, it is like opponent never cast Mantis Rider with 4 lands in play but snap cast it after he hit the fifth land. The odds for him having negate? 100%

Back to the tournament. top 8 matchup is terrible for me. Shaun’s Jeskai tends to be a more controlling one which I have basically zero chance to combo off after sideboard. Comparing to other Jeskai in top 8, they don’t really have much to stop me from comboing off even in the sideboard or at least the sideboarding part should be much more fun.

Obviously I cannot complain about the good run I had in this weekend. Had I face one more Jeskai, I might not be even close to top 8.

The thanks

Thank you team MTGMintCard: Cheung Tung Yi, Chapman Sim, Haung Hao Shan, Kevin Chew, Kuo Tzu Ching, Nam Sung Woo, Park Jun York, Ryan Lou, Yam Wing Chun. We did a perfect job on the Meta game predicting though we have different approach to the Meta.

Chan Sze Hang and George Newbould trusted and helped me test out the deck. Building a perfect mix is not easy for a new combo deck in a completely new format. I will say I have a perfect 60 plus that 3 Swan Song out of my 75 cards.

Special thanks to gatheringmagic having my deck naming under my will and Adrienne Reynolds for a wonderful article about me and Hong Kong. In case you do not know about the article, here is the link:

Also thanks everyone that supports and loves my deck. It’s been a long time for Standard having a real combo deck since Humanimator.

So that is it, my next premium event will be Player Championship and World Magic Cup featuring the clash of my girlfriend’s birthday. Sounds perfect!


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