Journey into Nyx Foil Singles Available(Chinese Version Foil Cards/English Version Foil Cards)


Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans. The third and last set in Theros Block, Journey into Nyx is finally set to be released this very weekend and as per usual, here at MTG Mint Card we want to do a brief summary of some the very lovely Journey into Nyx Foil Singles. Whether you are a casual card collector or a more serious one wanting to hit that ultimate pinnacle of ‘foiling out’ your Commander (EDH) or Cube build, MTG Mint Card has a large number of foils ready for you. Here are just a few foil cards because of the epic art or potential for inclusion in our deck or collection that are on our radar :

Launch the Fleet, illustrated by Karl Kopinski – the foil on this art is simply impressive and we think that this card will appeal to just about every constructed format player. The synergy with Battlefield Thaumaturge is just downright crazy and potential in further formats solid.

Sage of Hours, illustrated by Matt Stewart – the foiling here on the Wizard’s gears in the background is beautiful. There are a few players we know that are picking up this beauty for their Prime Speaker Zegana build where you’ll need more than a bag bull of tokens.

Hydra Broodmaster, illustrated by Steve Prescott – with the foil highlights on the Hydra’s nested eggs, it just looks like a pot of gold, which the card spell essentially is in most strategies wanting to churn out tokens or an awesome mana-sink.

Keranos, God of Storms , illustrated by Daarken – the dark stormy sky and the lightning bolt are a perfect canvass for the very cool and subtle foiling. As for the card, there has been about six Izzet Generals / Commanders to date and most have not been all that crazy good. Keranos will now be the Commander of Choice with some very sweet abilities.

Remember to drop by MTG Mint Card soon and check back often as we continually update with fresh stock.


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