2014 Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year Amazing Offer


Hello again Magic: the Gathering players. Things may be in a deep freeze for much of North America and parts of Europe but here at MTG Mint Card, things are heating up with our 2014 Lunar New Year promotions. January 31st is the official Chinese New Year and will kick off the Year of the Horse. To this end, we are running the sale from January 17th which will deliver some incredible savings to you. Let’s take a look at the details of this amazing offer now –
Our goal with this promotion is to reward our best customers. Here’s the break down fo you :
• 25% discount on select promatte UltraPRO card sleeves
• 40% discount on select FOIL basic Theros land card lots
• 21% discount of Chinese FULL ART Zendikar basic land set

Drop by the MTG Mint Card website and get all the details on this Lunar New Year promotion. Remember to shop and save during the Lunar New Year. MTG Mint Card is the best online store for Magic The Gathering singles, card lots, sets, and accessories. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook.


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