2013 Christmas Sale – Massive Christmas Clearance Sale


Hello again Magic: the Gathering players. Here at MTG Mint Card, we are rounding out the last few weeks of 2013 with an epic sale in order to make room for more MTG singles, card lots and gaming accessories in the new year. Look no further than MTG Mint Card to get seriously huge discounts on about thirty-two of some of our most popular products.


Check out just a few of many amazing items delivering massive savings to you !
• Selected standard-constructed MTG singles – 10% savings to you.
• A large variety of foil and regular card lots – up to 40% off!
• Selected twenty-sided dice – 20% savings
A variety of popular magic card sleeves – up to 20% off!




Let’s zoom in on some of the hot ticket items now –
> MTG Mint Card has Returned to Ravnica (only Rares!) 100-card lots for just $29.79, dropped from it’s original price of over fifty-bucks.
> Theros art card sleeves from Ultra-PRO are set to fly off the shelf with discounted savings of about 15%
> Standard constructed cards such as Pack Rat and Underworld Connections which have been making top marks at recent tournaments have now been reduced to sell.

Get yourself in the game now with these huge deals from MTG Mint Card. Our Massive Christmas Clearance Sale starts on Friday 6th December and runs for a full three weeks until Friday 27th December. If you were looking for that perfect gift for that gamer in your life, we think you don’t need to look any further than MTG Mint Card.


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