MTG Mint Card Thanksgiving The Big Sale 2013


ello again Magic: the Gathering players. In the United States and Canada the days are grower shorter and cooler heralding the coming winter. This of course also marks Thanksgiving observances not just in North America but also a number of other countries. Here at MTG Mint Card we want to give thanks to you, our customer, for making MTG Mint Card your favorite online store to buy Magic: the Gathering cards singles, card lots and supplies.

To this end, we are running perhaps one of the most epic sales promotions we’ve ever had, which we’ll call the 2013 Titanic Thanksgiving Special. Starting on 19th November and wrapping up on the 1st of December, MTG Mint Card will have a large variety of items marked down. You can save anywhere from 10% up to an incredible 65% on a bunch of awesome Magic: the Gathering goodies.
Check out just some of the amazing deals we have in store for you below !

Over-sized Commander Foils Set
Basic Land Foils from Theros
A 40-card lot of Foil Rares
A 50-card lot of Chinese Magic 2014 Commons
A set of Theros ‘Temple’ non-basic lands
Packs of Dragon’s Maze Sleeves
A number of standard format Magic: the Gathering singles

Just remember folks – all good things do come to an end and this Thanksgiving Special offer lasts until the first of December, so drop by MTG Mint Card soon.


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