MTG Commander 2013 Edition Singles Available


Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans.  Here at MTG Mint Card, we have some rather exciting news which is being very well received by Commander (EDH) players and other alternate game format aficionados.  Commander 2013 Edition is the next product in the Commander series to be released by Wizards of the Coast on November 1st, 2013.  The Commander 2013 product consists of five tri-color ‘shard’ decks reflecting the colors of the old Shards of Alara set, each with 100 cards that are ready-to-play right out of the box.  Each box has the option of choosing one of the three legendary tri-colored creatures each deck includes as the commander. The five new Commander decks each contain two brand new three-color legendary creatures and 13 other never-before-printed cards.  There are also 51 unique new cards spread across the five decks with some cards appearing in one or more of the decks.
Several MTG players we’ve talked to are indeed very happy about the new decks but have told us that they really want to get a handful of the new cards to slide into their existing deck.  No problem – MTG Mint card will have Commander 2013 singles available to you.  There are about 29 new, never seen before card arts and another 8 or so arts previously used on promo cards or other special sets. 

Some cards the staff here at MTG Mint Card are rather happy to see are ;

True-Name Nemesis – the absolute best three-drop uber-hexproof creature which can only be dealt with in a multi-player environment
True-Name Nemesis
Baleful Strix – very efficiently costed which generates a card draw and potentially nerf an opponent’s creature.
Baleful Strix
Toxic Deluge – Most definitely an upgrade to Multilate able to reset the game table.
Toxic Deluge
Unexpectedly Absent – Great answer to any nonland permanent threat on the board including burying your opponent’s Commander temporarily.

Unexpectedly Absent


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