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The 2013 Titanic Thanksgiving Special close-out date of December the first is rapidly approaching which means you only have a limited time to take advantage of the large variety of items we have at MTG Mint Card marked down for this special sale. You can save anywhere from 10% up to an astounding 65% on […]

ello again Magic: the Gathering players. In the United States and Canada the days are grower shorter and cooler heralding the coming winter. This of course also marks Thanksgiving observances not just in North America but also a number of other countries. Here at MTG Mint Card we want to give thanks to you, our […]

Top 5 Cards of GP Washington D.C. Top 1 True-Name Nemesis Top 2 Stoneforge Mystic Top 3 Griselbrand Top 4 Green Sun’s Zenith Top 5 Golgari Charm

Hello again Magic: the Gathering fans.  Here at MTG Mint Card, we have some rather exciting news which is being very well received by Commander (EDH) players and other alternate game format aficionados.  Commander 2013 Edition is the next product in the Commander series to be released by Wizards of the Coast on November 1st, […]