Amazing 2013 Autumn Special Offer – Theros Art Package


The latest Magic: the Gathering expansion, Theros, has been released, and the Commander 2013 product is due out at the end of October. It will soon be Thanksgiving in the States soon with the weather becoming a bit cooler – which means – a perfect time to settle inside for some nice long evenings of Magic: the Gathering.

Here at MTG Mint Card , we are running an amazing promotional offer to celebrate the Autumnal changes in October and want to get to geared up for this season of card slinging. We have bundled for you everything you need to get started and have three choices, all of which delivers big time on savings –
PICK one of the three following Theros Planeswalkers

(A) Xenagos, the Reveler, or

(B) Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, or

(C) Elspeth, Sun’s Champion.

– and MTG Mint Card will bundle up the following for you –

An Ultra PRO vertical, top loading Deck Box with full flap cover able to hold up to 82 sleeved cards featuring your choice of Theros Planeswalker art.


A pack of standard sized 80 Ultra PRO card sleeves featuring your matching choice of Theros Planeswalker art
A ‘deck set’ each Common and Uncommon (four of each) from Theros. That’s four of each of the 121 common-rarity and 60 uncommon-rarity) for a whopping 724 cards
A set of five twenty-sided dice perfect for use as a life counter or to mark just how huge one of your creatures have become on the game table

We are delivering this bundled order to you for only $49.99 – about a 22% savings – very impressive. Don’t wait long as this deal will be expired On 12th Nov. This may also serve as a very welcome Holiday gift for that special gamer in your life and crossing off an item off your gift list this early is just a downright good feeling. Drop by MTG Mint Card soon!


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