Magic: the Gathering Top Selling Theros Cards


Today we here at MTG Mint Card wanted to highlight some of the top selling Theros cards. With the emergence and rapid evolution of the new standard constructed format, a few handful of decks have emerged which has attracted the lion’s share of attention – each with their own signature card. Here’s a quick run-down of some –

Anger of the Gods – This has to be the best limited board wipe now in standard format. Three mana to reset the board is a solid option early game to allow you time to develop your mid-game threats.
Anger of the Gods
Stormbreath Dragon – For a casting cost of five mana, and a solid body of 4/4, this has flying, haste, and protection from white – green / white aggro being one of the stronger builds in the format at the moment.
Stormbreath Dragon
Sylvan Caryatid – This upgraded Birds of Paradise flew off the shelves as players developed strategy to fix mana in two and three color decks. This also serves well in a pinch as an early blocker.
Sylvan Caryatid
Fleecemane Lion – Quite honestly a beast in the current metagame. A two drop ‘Selesnya’ 3/3 creature which goes nuclear after the monstrosity cost is paid. Who doesn’t like a 4/4 indestructible hexproof threat.
Fleecemane Lion
Thoughtseize – Dropped on turn one for one mana while your opponent’s hand is full of potential targets this can seriously disrupt their game.


Until next time MTG fans, make sure to continue to drop by MTG Mint Card as we are always adjusting new card single pricing to deliver the best value to you, our customer.


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