MTG Theros Early Bird Special Offers


If you ever watched one of the recent Greek mythology movies like ‘Percy Jackson’, ‘Clash of the Titans’, or ‘Immortals’ and liked them, you will definitely love this next MTG set. Given the popularity of classical Greek in action movies, it is little wonder that Wizards of the Coast also wanted to dip into this rich story pool for a block. Due to be released on September 27,2013, Theros will be followed by Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx all which will have a top-down Greek mythology theme, with such creatures as Krakens, Minotaurs and Gorgons.

We want you to get in on an early bird special we’re running to Theros – check this out! Starting 17 August and closing 22 August, you can pre-order a four times (4x) Uncommon and Common set, meaning you will get complete constructed-format decksets of all the non-rares and never again need to chase down an elusive missing card. If you think of it, that’s four of each of the 101 common cards and four of each of the 80 uncommon cards – thats a whopping 724 new Magic: the Gathering cards! As always, you can order these sets in both English and Chinese. Since we here at MTG Mint Card want your business, if you order your Theros 4x Common / Uncommon set before 18th August you’ll get the great price of only $38.99, but we’ll also throw in a Free set of dice – not to shabby at all folks.
Make sure you drop by the MTG Mint Card webpages, and keep up to date with all the latest Theros spoilers and previews and don’t forget to get your pre-orders in early.


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