Magic: The Gathering Modern Masters Singles Available


Hello again Magic: the Gathering players. As you are most likely aware, Modern Masters is hitting store shelves around the world this weekend, and with a ‘conservative’ print run, expect players, collectors, and speculators to all get in on the action. MTG Mint Card is also very pleased to have secured a limited number of boxes to ensure our customers are happy. If you are just getting into this game, here’s some fast facts for you.

Modern Masters is a booster-based specialty set containing cards or rather reprints of cards originally printed between Eighth Edition and Alara Reborn, all of which are legal to play in the Modern format. Several cards have changed rarity, some have new art and some are printed in the current card frame for the very first time. The Magic the Gathering Modern Masters set have a total 229 cards, consisting of 101 commons, 60 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythic rares. The set comes with 15 tokens and an emblem, some of which are printed for the first time.

For now, let’s get to a quick run-down of some cards to be on the look-out for in this set:

Tarmogoyf – At one time, the most expensive card in Modern format, and for a very good reason. This card is simply a beast and a must-have staple. This two-drop can go from zero to hero in a hurry and win games fast.


Dark Confidant – Most players will love the great new art on this card. This card is able to provide its controller with an additional card per turn resulting in a solid advantage.


Vendilion Clique – This card is nuts and a perfect fit in a blue control build. We suspect that most players will want to get this into a tribal Faeries strategy which, from looking at the Modern Masters list, quite a few will.



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