MTG 2014 Core set New Spoilers


Due to be released 19th July, 2013, 2014 Core set (M14) will feature 249 cards and have a blend of fan favorites as well as new cards.  Although official previews are scheduled to start on the last week of June, there has already been quite a number of card previews already, thanks to the sneak peaks provided from digital game, ‘Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014‘.  As with last year’s release, the core set and digital game have a high degree of integration which means a number of cards are to appear in both.

Some big news to come out from the previews so far are the return of Slivers.  Apparently, this creature type has made some adaptations not only with basic function but also in appearance.  They now only enhance your own Slivers in play rather than all on the battlefield similar to that of Zendikar’s super tribal type ‘Allies’.  Also returning are the ‘Lorwyn 5’; Ajani, Jace, Liliana, Chandra and Garruk but it’s speculated there may be at least two new versions.

2014 Core set Scavenging Ooze


2014 Core set Chandra’s Phoenix


2014 Core set Garruk’s Horde


2014 Core set Creature – Sliver

#1 – M14 Battle Sliver
#2 – M14 Blur Sliver
#3 – M14 Groundshaker Sliver
#4 – M14 Sentinel Sliver
#5 – M14 Steelform Sliver
#6 – M14 Striking Sliver



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