MTG Dragon’s Maze Top 5 Uncommons


Dragon’s Maze Top 5 Uncommons

#1 – Putrefy – This is a solid reprint and the art is great. Sort of a poor man’s Abrupt Decay (which we really can’t afford).  Great against some Golgari critters which can regenerate.

#2 – Far // Away – A nice Dimir Control card. Both sides are relevant and the Fuse tech makes it a good choice against creature based decks.
#3 – Turn // Burn – We love that the burn spell is called . . ‘burn’. Presents choices and potentially a two critter removal.  This looks good against cards (like Bloodbaron) who disapparate after their turn.

#4 – Unflinching Courage – We really loved Armadillo Cloak, and this card certainly floats our boat.  We feel auras and lifelink are relevant in today’s metagame, trample is awesome icing.
#5 – Sin Collector – Good control choice.  You definitely want a turn three card like this to removal a potential threat on their turn four when the game typically heats up.  If you’re greedy, we suggest a Cloudshift for full effect.



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