MTG Dragon’s Maze Top Split Cards


MTG Dragon’s Maze, the third and final set in the Return to Ravnica block has now been fully previewed and MTG Mint Card is prepared for the crush of players wanting to get the latest card goodness. This expansion set is scheduled to be released May 3, 2013 with a total of 156 cards and contains 70 commons, 40 uncommons, 35 rares, and 11 mythic rares.All ten Ravnica Guilds are represented and as in the original Ravnica block along with their respective mechanics / keywords. Dragon’s Maze focuses on multicolor cards and contains 70 fun and power cards.


Magic: the Gathering Dragon’s Maze also marks the return of Split Cards which have two separate effects printed on the same card but with different mana costs. Unlike previous split cards, the new ‘Fuse’ mechanic will allow players to cast both sides of the spell. There are a total of 15 Split cards which can double your fun,such as DGM Beck // Call (Simic / Azorius),Breaking // Entering (Dimir / Rakdos),Flesh // Blood (Golgari / Gruul),Catch // Release (Izzet / Boros),Ready // Willing (Selesnya / Orzhov).

DGM Beck // Call

Dragon's Maze Breaking // Entering

DGM Flesh // Blood

Dragon's Maze Catch // Release

Mtg Dragon's Maze Ready // Willing

Now for some quick handy-dandy Rules tips for these new Fuse cards – check out the Magic: the Gathering site for full official rules. First, If you are casting a split card with fuse from somewhere else other than your hand (like the graveyard), you can cast only one-half or the other. When a Fused spell resolves, it does so in the order from left side then right side. If you are able to cast a spell from your hand without paying it’s mana cost, you are able to use the fuse mechanic to cast both halves. Finally, if an opponent uses a spell like Pithing Needle, they can name either half of a split card but not both – a split card has the chosen name if one of its two names matches the chosen name.

MTG Mint Card is ready for Dragon’s Maze, drop by our online store so you are too.


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