Latest Dragon’s Maze Cards You Can Pay More Attention


Recently,with more Dragon’s Maze spoiler,I’m here again share some latest & great DGM new cards for Magic fans,I know your guys will be excited about that.

Legion’s Initiative – This Mythic Rare Boros two-drop is a ‘must have’ anthem effect card which will provide a +1 boost in power for your red creatures and a +1 boost in toughness for your white creatures – we suggest you play hybrid or multicolor for full effect.  The fun does not stop there however.  Your game table army can survive devastating board wipers by temporarily exiling using Legion’s Initiative other activated ability which only costs a red and a white mana – not too shabby we think.


Savageborn Hydra – Here is a lovely ‘X’ costed Gruul creature we can get behind, and you certainly don’t want to be out front when this thing grows to epic proportions and turns sideways in the red zone as a double-striker.  You can easily upgrade this monster with additional +1/+1 counters.  We suggest you pair this with Crowned Ceratok for Trample goodness.



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