Dragon’s Maze Ruric Thar, the Unbowed Pre-order Available Now


Hello!Magic: the Gathering fans around the world are glued with great anticipation to websites as Wizards of the Coast begin unveiling Dragon’s Maze,the third and last set in the Return to Ravnica block. Most recently at PAX East, gamers were treated to one of ten Guild Champions to appear in Dragon’s Maze.Say hello to Ruric Thar, a legendary creature representing Gruul as their maze runner.


For six mana (4 colorless, a red and a green), you get a 6/6 Ogre with vigilance and reach. But the fun does not stop here. This monster is so angry he attacks each turn if able. There is also another trick up his sleeve, not that Ruric or his friend for life, Thar would ever wear a shirt with sleeves. This creature will punish any player (including its controler) for playing a non-creature spell by dealing 6 damage to that player, so an opponent casting spot removal will be taxed.

Speaking of Legendary creatures such as Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, players can expect a legendary creatures representing each of Ravnica’s ten guilds. The artwork revealed looks amazing and we have high hopes when the cards get previewed.


Players will also be happy to know that casting all these multi-color spells will be easier with the reprinting of all the Guildgates from the two previous sets. Expect to see lovely ‘zoomed out’ arts on all these reprints. Still speaking onto land, we also have the mythic rare land ‘Maze’s End’ that presents a very cool alternate win condition for the game. Essentially, Maz’e End will allow you to ‘tutor’ up a guildgate for 3 mana and then bounces back to you hand to rinse and repeat. When you have all 10 guildagate, you win the game.


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