White Hot Gatecrash


Hello Magic: the Gathering fans. We all have had an opportunity now to take in an evaluate all the new Gatecrash cards and decide which ones to create a new deck with or modify an existing one. One rather popular page on our MTG Mint Card website is ‘Deck Central’. Here any member can build their virtual deck, organize it and then draw sample hands to get a feel for their new creation before buying these on our website – yep – that folks is value-added service. Today, we want to showcase some of the new Gatecrash cards in a standard legal constructed build. We’ve taken a liking to the elegantly simply and aggressive Boros deck member ‘Grudgeman’ created just last week. Let’s have a look!

Boros by Grudgeman

Main Board (60)

Colorless (23) : 4 Clifftop Retreat, 9 Plains, 8 Mountain, 2 Slayers’ Stronghold

Multi-Color (7) : 3 Firemane Avenger, 4 Boros Charm

Others (4) : 4 Rakdos Cackler

Red (26) : 3 Stonewright, 2 Searing Spear, 4 Hellrider, 4 Stromkirk Noble, 4 Gore-House Chainwalker, 3 Splatter Thug, 3 Madcap Skills, 3 Pillar of Flame

15 Side Board

Multi-Color (2) : 2 Dryad Militant

Red (6) : 1 Madcap Skills, 1 Stonewright, 2 Zealous Conscripts, 2 Searing Spear

White (7) : 2 Thalia, Guardian of thraben, 3 Oblivion Ring, 2 Frontline Medic

The converted mana cost ramps out at four so Grudgeman has appropriately supplied 23 lands, split almost evenly between Plains and Mountains. There’s a full deckset of the Innistrade check-land Clifftop Retreat an a pair of Slayer’s Stronghold to provide some important haste, vigilence and pump – all very good to have in a mid-range aggro deck.

Fourteen 1-drops provide a solid jump start into a board presence : full books of Rakdos Cacklers and Stromkirk Nobles along with three Stonewrights and Pillar of Flame. In the two-drop spot, Grudgemand has Decksets of Gore-House Chainwalker and the excellent Boros Charm. A pair of Sear Spears will help clear or ping and three Madcap Skills could provide a conditional unobstructed alpha swing. There are three 3-drops with Splatter Thug whose first strike ability is relevant in today’s game. Lastly, in the four-drop spot, there are four Hellriders and three Firemane Avenger. Firemane’s ‘Battalion’ ability here will assist landing extra damage under the wire on your opponent as well as nudging your life total up a titch to keep you in the game.

Gatecrash has delivered a wonderful collection of solid fun-to-play cards and here at MTG Mint Card, we strive to keep our shelves stocked and our prices low. Drop on buy to shop and don’t forget to create your very own decklist in our MTG Deck Central page.


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