Top Ten Selling MTG Singles In January 2013


With Gatecrash fast approaching there are many more cool cards to entice new players to this great game. Here for you a list of the top selling MTG Singles in January2013 from MTG Mint Card. Check out the list and see if they are those cards in your expectation.

10. Firemane Avenger

Nivmagus Elemental

9. Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

Utvara Hellkite

8. High Priest of Penance

Cyclonic Rift

7. Crypt Ghast

Precinct Captain

6. Aurelia, the Warleader

Necropolis Regent

5. Clan Defiance

Detention Sphere

4. Consuming Aberration

Mizzium Mortars

3.Deathpact Angel

Slaughter Games

2. Mind Grind

Desecration Demon

1. Domri Rade

Chromatic Lantern

Domri Rade’s first ability favors decks that are filled with creatures and tote little to no other nonland cards. Domri Rade’s second ability can be a serious threat to your opponent. Domri Rade’s “ultimate” ability, it’ll deal double the damage, punching through blockers on the turn you cast them and your adversary won’t be able to do a thing.


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