Christmas Special Sales $15 OFF $150 Order

Christmas Special Sales $15 OFF $150 Order

Christmas Special Sales $15 OFF $150 Order













Ahhh Christmas. A magical time, especially for children, full of excitement, hope, and the possibility of miracles becoming reality. Here at MTG Mint Card, when we think miracles, we are actually thinking about a certain very awesome card mechanic from Return to Ravnica. When most people are thinking about odd Leg Lamps, ugly Christmas Sweaters, Reindeer mugs or Red Ryder B.B. guns (You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!), we are thinking about just how we would rather get a gift this year to fuel our passion for gaming.

Whether you are a fan of Magic: the Gathering or World of Warcraft, we’ve the stuff you’re after. Get that special bipedal in your life something that’s sure to be a hit in their stocking or under the tree this Christmas this year. Avoid the malls at all costs and shop online in your favorite one-piece fleece bunny pyjamas. Click on over to MTG Mint Card where you could save up to 10% off your order. From today to 26th December, you can now save $15 off for order over US$150(Net of shipping). Just enter coupon code “XMASPR” on checkout page to enjoy $15 instant cash discount on your favorite cards. Our efficient elves are standing by and ready to process ‘n’ ship what may possibly the coolest Christmas gift, like evar.


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