Top RTR Non-Rares

The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Return to Ravnica was officially released on Friday 5th October and the burning question on most players’ minds is what are the new decks to beat in standard constructed. Even if you are not into standard, chances are you will appreciate the power of some of the new cards here and may consider these for inclusion in your, Legacy, Modern or EDH / Commander build or even that slick deck you play at the kitchen table. Let’s have a look at the top RTR singles, all available for purchase at MTG Mint Card.

Here’s a very brief video (ref

Top 5 RTR Uncommons :
• Rakdos Cackler
• Slitherhead
• Call of the Conclave
• Selesnya Charm
• Azorius Charm

Top 5 RTR Commons :
• Electrickery
• Sundering Growth
• Goblin Electromancer
• Centaur Healer
• Grisly Salvage


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