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3D MTG Card


Someone uses several land cards to cut out a 3D magic the gathering card. It’s awesome! (ps: pic from MTGFan) Advertisements

Magic funny: Magic Style (Ref MTG Memes)

229 Reprint Cards for the Modern Format, many with new art Cards are reprints from Eighth Edition through Alara Reborn New never before printed tokens 15-card booster packs, one premium per pack Designed to be drafted 24 packs per box $6.99 MSRP English only, global distribution Conservative print run

The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Return to Ravnica was officially released on Friday 5th October and the burning question on most players’ minds is what are the new decks to beat in standard constructed. Even if you are not into standard, chances are you will appreciate the power of some of the new cards […]

Like the Dark confidant promos, this is a Judge incentive mailed out to all of the judges, unlike the promos, only L2+ will receive these playmats The following playmats are to be voted upon, with the final votes counted on April 30th Judges can vote on, it’s on the right below your picture.

There are very few things more appealing to a Magic: the Gathering player than holding a premium foil card in their hand, unless its perhaps hearing from your opponent ‘cool foil’ when you play it. With an approximately one in seventy chance of getting a foil card in a booster pack, the chances of getting […]