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Just like the previous review, it will be in a spoiled top 5 Red cards countdown format, with each section having an image, a brief summary/description, and my verdict on what functions I think it has. 1. Mindclaw Shaman Mindclaw Shaman lets you steal the best spell in an opponent’s hand and then cast it […]

Magic 2013 M13 has been released for a long time. Let’s have a review on the best cards in this core set. Here we are a list of the top 5 blue M13 cards on my eyes. As  a whole, Blue gets some interesting tricks to add to its arsenal for a variety of strategies […]

1. Thragtusk This green creature from Magic 2013 will make a huge impact on Standard. It provides a beastly effect in the ‘Magic 2013 Core Set’. The fact that Thragtusk triggers whenever leaving the battlefield – not just dying, but provides a real beastly “enters the battlefield” and “leaves the battlefield” effect. The life gain […]

This is a list of the Top 10 Magic 2013 M13 core set cards by volume purchased according to our website database. Throught this hotlist we can know that which cards are currently popular for players looking to buy. 1. Cathedral of War At first glance, Cathedral of War is a boring land coming in […]

Return to Ravnica complete sets are now available for preorder, we are now offering an early bird discount for the Magic Return to Ravnica uncom & com card sets as low as $34.99. This is a limited time offer only.