Top Ten Selling Singles In July 2012


Here we are the top ten selling cards from July. This hotlist shows us that it seems like the latest edition is always the most popular one. Most of the top ten are coming from Magic 2013 M13 core set. You may expect what cards will be in your decks.

1. Krenko, Mob Boss

Krenko, Mob Boss

2. Dragonskull Summit

Dragonskull Summit

3. Stromkirk Noble

Stromkirk Noble

4. Disciple of Bolas

Disciple of Bolas

5. Vexing Devil

Vexing Devil

6. Drowned Catacomb

Drowned Catacomb

7. Mutilate


8. Venser, the Sojourner

Venser, the Sojourner

9. Angel of Jubilation

Angel of Jubilation

10. Revenge of the Hunted

Revenge of the Hunted


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