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At the begin of April, we have picked up ten hot selling single cards from our website. Check out the list and see if they are those cards in your expectation. 1. Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells 2. Kessig Wolf Run 3. Hellrider 4. Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration 5. […]

Griselbrand Legendary Creature – Demon Flying, lifelink Pay 7 life: Draw seven cards. “Avacyn emerged from the broken Helvault, but her freedom came at a price –  him.” -Thalia, Knight-Cathar Illus. Igor Kieryluk #106/244 7/7

Sigarda, Host of Herons Legendary Creature – Angel Flying, hexproof Spells and abilities your opponents control can’t cause you to sacrifice permanents. Great devotion yields great reward. Illus. Chris Rahn #210/244 5/5

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