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                      UltraPro Dark Ascension Playmat – Flat size:23-7/8″ x 13-1/2″ – Soft cushioned plat mat protects your cards during game play – Back of mat grips snug to smooth tables – Flat surface makes dice rolling easy

                      Ultra Pro Magic the Gathering Dark Ascension Sideloading Deck Box Suitable for Magic and WOW cards Including 1 divider

Dark Ascension Complete Sets, Card Lots are available for preorder today, starting from $34.99.

                      Terms and Conditions 50% OFF on EXPRESS SHIPPING For orders over USD80 to zone 1 and zone 2 countries. See country list For orders over USD150 to zone 3 countries. See country list This offer valid through 21,Dec,2011 PST. This coupon cannot be used […]

                      Edition Graveborn Card Name Hidden Horror Language/Mode English Foil Cost Type Creature – Horror P/T 4/4 Rarity Uncommon Rules Text When Hidden Horror enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you discard a creature card. Legality Mirage Block, Legacy, Vintage