M12: Grand Abolisher


Magic 2012 core set has load on for a long time, and it got a lot of praise and popularity from players. The biggest change or addition that immediately noticeable in Magic 2012 core set (M12) is the rewording of some of the terminology. By my count, there are lots of cards that have great potential to be played, and this article will talk about one of them, Grand Abolisher. M12’s Grand Abolisher will change the way games are played.

Grand Abolisher WW

Grand Abolisher WW

Creature – Human Cleric

During your turn, your opponents can’t cast spells or activate abilities of artifacts, creatures, or enchantments.


Is it just me, or does this seems like a card that’s really multicolor? I really can’t think of any reason to make spells uncountable right now, and many of the annoying activated abilities aren’t used during your turn anyways (with Tumble Magnet and others notable exceptions), so I am not so sure this will get too far.

Grand Abolisher prevents an adversary from playing any Counter spells. Your opponent will be forced to play their removal spells on their turn instead of on yours. Grand Abolisher makes a great target for Aegis Angel, ensuring an opponent won’t destroy it.  Just watch out for an Oblivion Ring. Not everyone moves flexibly off their normal thought patterns with equal aplomb except that Abolish can do this with style.

Grand Abolisher seems especially potent in control mirrors. It stops your enemy from regenerating their Thrum, the Last Troll or using any other combat trick for that matter. If they really want to removal your threat, they would have to spend their entire turn (especially if you have counter magic) in order to do so. It also shuts off your opponents’ ability to hide behind the ability of Spells kite, since they cannot activate abilities of creatures they control on your turn.

In Standard, Grand Abolisher is powerful and has a lot of potential.


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