Jund Deck


From time to time, there are many different kinds of decks popular in the mtg games , deck focus on red magic, fog, creatures , control deck. Jund Deck is one of the most popular decks in some of the world class competitions. What is the story behind?

From the Alara Reborn Edition, there is a unique function “Cascade”, and this function makes the Jund Deck more magnificent, and indeed, the Cascade is the core feature of the Jund Deck.

Some people say Jund Deck is:

  • The most powerful deck
  • The most efficient way to play
  • Mana Cost friendly

Generally, from a competition, most of the top ten players would use a Jund Deck with a very similar construction. And the Jund Deck would include the following cards.

Bloodbraid Elf
Cascade makes the card a efficient way to play, casting a spell triggers another. Four mana points generate a 3/2 creature with Haste. It makes the game speed faster.

Bituminous Blast
With cascade plus four point of strength, it is an essential card in the Jund Deck to kill creatures. For most of the typical creatures, the toughness would not higher than four points, the Bituminous Blast could take down almost all of the creatures. And for some instances, if you are lucky enough to get the Bloodbraid Elf, casting one spell and cascade another two spells, you could reverse the game situation.

A very outstanding card, three mana points with three strength plus your component discards two cards.

Sprouting Thrinax
Three mana points for a 3/3 creature, after card going to the grave, it generates a 1/1 creature.

Maelstrom Pulse
Destroying a creature, enchantment, artifact, Planeswalkers and even the cards with the same name.

Broodmate Dragon
A six point flying dragon, with a 4/4 flying dragon token. If your component could not eliminate them, probably you are winning in around turn six.

Rampant Growth
Include the Rampant Growth in your library, in order to increase the chance of using Bloodbraid Eld before the third turn.

Putrid Leech
Use it for a strike attack or as a blocking creature. A +2/+2 ability could definitely hesitate your component

The cards mentioned above are the Must cards in a Jund Deck.

Jund Deck would be a relatively easy to use deck, as long as you have sufficient mana, you cast spells in every turn, there are not much chance to make a mistake and lose the game. If using the Jund Deck wisely, a newbie could even take down an experienced player.

Guys, feel free to leave your comments.


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