Weekly Top Ten Singles Countdown 18Feb


1.Pithing Needle
The number one selling card is week, it has been very demanding. And I can see it in players’ side board most of the time.

2.Celestial Colonnade
Doesn’t need to tap when attacking, and you can still get the mana after the attack.

3.Verdant Catacombs
The Black and the Green Magic Players should be desperate with it

4.Malakir Bloodwitch
It is hard for me to think of a card which could destroy the Malakir Bloodwitch

This card is a MUST for the Red. Out of stock all the time…

6.Avenger of Zendikar
Although its a 5GG, it could be a key card to win the game.

One of the best Black cards in WWK. Most of creatures could be killed by it.

8.Vampire Nighthawk
The card is always demanding since Zendikar released

9.Amulet of Vigor
The untap ability could be a nightmare.

10.Luminarch Ascension
If you could not destroy this enchantment, you are about to lose the game. I know some of the players building their Deck based on this card. No doubt.


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