Weekly Top Ten Countdown 10Feb


Here we come with the weekly top ten countdown of 10th Feb. The list is based on the number of people who have bought the card. You might be curious why the Jace, the Mind Sculptor is missing from the list. Jace is a very outstanding card and has been selling pretty well, but the price of Jace is much higher than those cards on the list. And that’s the reason why its missing.

Check out the list down here and think about your new deck list.~

  1. Lavaclaw Reaches
  2. Loam Lion
  3. Admonition Angel
  4. Sphinx of Jwar Isle
  5. Liliana Vess
  6. Quest for Ula’s Temple
  7. Abyssal Persecutor
  8. Creeping Tar Pit
  9. Celestial Colonnade
  10. Earthquake

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