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Jund Deck


From time to time, there are many different kinds of decks popular in the mtg games , deck focus on red magic, fog, creatures , control deck. Jund Deck is one of the most popular decks in some of the world class competitions. What is the story behind? From the Alara Reborn Edition, there is […]

1.Pithing Needle ~$3.29 The number one selling card is week, it has been very demanding. And I can see it in players’ side board most of the time. 2.Celestial Colonnade ~$7.96 Doesn’t need to tap when attacking, and you can still get the mana after the attack. 3.Verdant Catacombs ~$10.88 The Black and the Green […]

3x WorldWake Booster Pack Giveway Leave your Greeting Message for the “Year of Tiger” and “Like” the post, you can win the 3x WorldWake Booster Pack Giveaway Number of winner(s): One Prizes: 3x WorldWake Booster Pack End Date: Sunday 21 Feb 2010 PST 19:00 How to participate: 1. Leave a Greeting Message for the […]

When you received the shipment from us, have you ever thought about how we operate behind? How does it look like? This is a coming soon item from Ultra-Pro, with Planewalker design on the front and back of the portfolio. We will have it for pre-order by this week. Front Side Back Side

Raging Ravine Raging Ravine

Here we come with the weekly top ten countdown of 10th Feb. The list is based on the number of people who have bought the card. You might be curious why the Jace, the Mind Sculptor is missing from the list. Jace is a very outstanding card and has been selling pretty well, but the […]